Biriyani Masala

You can cook to perfection; the taste is royal and the aroma magnificent. The first bite of the biryani that you make with our masala will put you in food heaven conjuring perfection.

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Pouch :100 g

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Soak rice for half an hour and drain it. Boil Water. Add half of the whole spices (items 8-11) and salt to taste. Add the drained rice into the boiling water and cook till half done. Drain and keep it aside.


Cut chicken/mutton/beef into medium sized pieces. Marinate with Aksa Biriyani Masala, Yoghurt, Salt for 30 minutes. Heat ghee in a vessel and add remaining whole spices. Add sliced onions into it. Saute onion till golden brown. Add ginger garlic paste and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add tomatoes. Saute again. Then add marinated chicken/mutton/beef pieces, green chillies, half of the coriander and puthina leaves and cook in a low flame until it is done. 


Layer the cooked rice and chicken/mutton/beef mixture. Bake it for 30 min. in a low flame. Garnish with cashew nuts sauted in ghee and the remaining coriander and puthina leaves. Tasty chicken/mutton/beef  biriyani is ready.